Corporate Responsibility


Our mission is to create growth and well-being through our energy sector expertise and responsible operations. Our goal is to create added value for our shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and the local community. A solid economic basis secures the continuity of our business and enables us to meet our social and environmental responsibilities. We recognise our shareholders’ goal of return on their long-term investments and create added value for our customers by delivering solutions that meet their expectations. Our objective is to provide our key suppliers with favourable conditions for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. We fulfil our tax obligations in all the countries in which we operate and condemn all forms of corruption or fraudulent practice.


Our objective is to offer energy and material efficient solutions and processes. We strive to minimise the amount of waste generated by our activities and to maximise waste recycling. In addition to waste management, energy consumption and carbon footprint management are the most significant environmental aspects related to our operations. Our environmental management system has been certified to ISO 14001:2004. We are committed to identifying and implementing all legal and other requirements related to our operations. We monitor the environmental impact of our activities, and have implemented programmes for achieving our environmental objectives and targets.


To make our working environment healthy and safe, we follow international, national and local legislation, regulations and agreements, and minimise any potential adverse effects of our operations or products. Our occupational health and safety management system has been certified to OHSAS 18001:2007. We are a member of Zero Accident Forum and have committed to the Zero Accident Vision. In 2016 we were thrilled to reach LEVEL 1, which means that our safety is world class! In our work community, agreements are made for the common good. Equality is a natural part of our organisational culture. We believe that great management is the foundation of an enjoyable and safe working environment. We also want to provide our employees with competitive pay, flexible ways of working and opportunities for self-development. The employees of VEO are the company’s most valuable resource. Therefore, we encourage healthy lifestyles and promote the physical, mental and social welfare of our staff. We do this through preventive health care and measures aimed at maintaining the ability to work. Based on the measurement results, VEO’s management sets annual goals, and secures adequate resources to achieve them.


The company will continue its profitable growth strategy. In the long run, our goal is an annual growth of around 10% and continuous growth in profitability.

Business Segment Insights

CEO’s Review

We need to stay awake and grab opportunities as they arise. VEO must always be ready to take a new direction.

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The UK has a lot of potential, and I’m very pleased that 2016 opened important doors to this new VEO market

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According to our employee survey, 98 % of the respondents would recommend VEO as a workplace. That means we’ve done things right.

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New investments are being prioritised instead of repairs and maintenance. My guess is that the investment pace will be high for the following 5 years.

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Wind Power

VEO is known as the guy who isn’t afraid to take on challenges – not because he’s stupid enough to do it, but because he can handle the risks professionally.

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Expert Services

Our customers clearly ask for our advice and want us to be present throughout the entire project – from execution to education and life cycle management.

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