The way forward

Following our guiding principles

At VEO, both the present and the future are guided by our mission – to create growth and well-being. We strongly believe that these goals can be achieved by:

  • offering expertise and innovations to the energy sector along all steps of the energy chain, from power generation and distribution to utilisation.
  • offering our customers tailored services and solutions, where quality and reliability are the cornerstones
  • operating responsibly, both when it comes to our employees and the environment.

During 2018, we focused on crystallising our values together with our employees. We believe it is very important that everyone at VEO, not only management, works towards the same goals. Only then, are we able to offer our customers products and services that go beyond their expectations, thereby creating shared growth. During this process, it became evident that we need to get even better at courageously sharing ideas with each other in a spirit of continuous improvement. A great place to work is a place where everyone’s voice is heard.

By taking care of our employees, we know that they, in turn, will go the extra mile to ensure that our customers’ equipment has the best protection throughout the lifecycle of a plant or substation. This approach will make VEO a significant player on the international energy market.

Often significant growth and the best innovations spread from the most absurd visions.

Johan Ågren





In 2018, our turnover rose to an impressive €103 million, and the number of orders increased more than ever before.

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