“2022 was yet another step on our journey to become the largest integrator of energy transition projects in Northern Europe”

Timo Ala-Heikkilä



transition projects



115.8 M€

Operating Profit (EBIT)

0.1 M€


138.3 M€

Net Profit

0.3 M€

“Despite a year of global turmoil, we managed to close the books with a record-high order intake and a positive net result.”

Petri Mäkinen


“Sustainability has been ingrained in our DNA for more than 30 years. Over time, it has evolved into becoming the very core of our foundation.”

Kim Råholm

Development & HSQE Director

“The plan prioritises both people and the planet. We want our people to enjoy their work in an environment where they feel respected. ”

Piia Tuliniemi

HR Director

VEO plays an important role when countries phase out fossil fuels.

“VEO is perfectly positioned to integrate and optimise any kind of low-emission solutions around its clients’ projects – now and in the future.”

Jakob Lövdahl

Vice President of Sales and Marketing


To succeed in all of this, we need people who enjoy their work and feel it has a purpose.


“It feels great knowing that the projects we’re involved in lead to significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions”. 


Jakob Björkqvist

Project Manager, Norway


“It’s great to work at a company that encourages its employees to develop – and that I can keep advancing my career within VEO”.

Krista Hovimeri

System Engineer, Finland


“We have a fantastic work community at VEO where everyone contributes with their skills and personalities, and we have a lot of fun”.

Magnus Olofsson

Engineering Manager, Sweden


“VEO’s recycling and waste management targets are ambitious and give us all a possibility to contribute”.

Ville Yli-Mäenpää

Assembler and Health & safety representative, Finland


“We collate every near miss in our own operations and use them to continuously improve our way of working, and thus also the safety.

Shaun Marriott

Engineering Director, UK


“Everyone should have the right to go home from work in good health, and each of us is responsible for our own and our colleagues’ safety in our daily tasks”.

Kari Hiisvirta

Head of Sales Support, Finland


“The hybrid work model offers the best of both worlds, allowing me to balance in-office and remote workdays according to my schedule”.

Tero Artikainen

System Engineer, Finland


“The bike benefit made me finally get the electric bike I had been thinking about for quite some time“.

Jukka Bergström

Head of ICT, Finland