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I’m proud to say that quick renewal project deliveries were a central part of 2016.

The first project that comes to mind is a production outage at Stora Enso’s Veitsiluoto factory. We changed 7 medium voltage switchgear cubicles in 50 hours and – at the same time – dealt with a parallel renewal project in 10 hours in the same factory. Once again, this proved our ability to work fast in critical situations. We also worked on a notable renewal project that required more planning and preparation than usual. Despite this, each work phase was very swift – from planning to installations and commissioning.

Our customers clearly ask for our advice and want us to be present throughout the entire project – from execution to education and life cycle management.

Esa Ala-Honkola

Vice President, Expert Services

Workwise 2016 was quite a typical year with 200 completed projects. We had a steady flow of orders, with a focus on medium and high voltage electrifications and automation. Last year our technical experts were also asked to investigate a lot of sites in need of renewal. I think this proves how valued VEO’s expertise really is. Our customers clearly ask for our advice and want us to be present throughout the entire project – from execution to education and life cycle management.

While on the subject, the importance of sufficient life cycle management cannot be stressed enough. I feel that a maintenance debt has been building up these past years, as many such investments have seemed to be put off. I wish that companies would realise the importance of regular updates. Right now, we’re talking with our customers a lot about cyber security. As everything is connected online, power plants become more vulnerable to potential cyber threats. We have seen that the energy sector is already under attack. This year we’ll focus even more on combining IT and automation to improve our customers’ cyber security.

We co-operate with many of the major manufacturers in the energy field and can always offer our customers the best possible solutions. VEO’s international integrator ideology invites us to keep our eyes open for cooperation at all times. I think this mindset will lead to many new possibilities where we can spread our expertise around Europe in 2017. It takes will, and it takes skill, but luckily we have them both right here at VEO.


The company will continue its profitable growth strategy. In the long run, our goal is an annual growth of around 10% and continuous growth in profitability.

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